Happy New Year! Welcome 2022 *Metaverse Monthly Report — December 2021

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2 min readJan 1, 2022


Happy New Year to everyone, Thanks for being with The Metaverse Team every step of the way. Looking forward to a great 2022.
In the month of December, we encounter some difficulties with the migration to New Frontiers. The Dev team did some deep tests and discovered an issue on changing the validators that cause the blockchain to stop validating blocks, to find a fix and we had to rebuild the whole storage, that was done and we’re running more final tests now. In the first week of January, we can schedule the final migration. which is to transfer the existing on-chain ledger data to the new storage and underlying architecture.

We rolled our testnet out in phases in order to test each set of features in a controlled environment before shipping the next set. Similarly, we’re calling this a “soft launch” because it’s not your typical mainnet launch. Just as we did with our testnet, we are taking an iterative approach by launching first with training wheels (outlined in the next section) and removing them as we gain confidence in the production system.

Why the incremental approach? WE WANT COMPLETE OPTIMISM NOW, you say. We hear you!! We want the same thing. But more importantly we want to be sure our features are right and our system is rock solid, which can only be confirmed in the harsh and unforgiving environment of mainnet.

What’s Next:

  • Determine migration schedule
  • Conduct migration
  • Provide some other necessary upgrade support


Stay tuned for more future events from Metaverse; is an open-source public blockchain creating a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets, identities, and applications.

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Metaverse Blockchain

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain building a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets, identities, and applications.