We are excited to announce a new version of the lightwallet. Check out the newly added features below.

Estimated Deposit Time

When placing a Deposit, users can now view an estimation of the locking period based on the time spent processing the last 1,000 blocks. Please be aware that this is only an estimation, and that the real lock-up period is subject to variation depending on block generation speed.

Estimated Unlocking Date

Using the same approximation (processing time of the last 1,000 blocks), the Deposit history now displays an estimation of the unlocking date. This date is also subject to variation depending on the speed of block generation.

Customized Transaction Fee

In order to keep up with the rate of increase of daily transactions, the transaction fee can now be customized. Currently the minimum fee (0.0001 ETP) is enough to have the transaction processed quickly, but in case of a high number of transactions, the transaction fee can now be increased to prioritize the transaction.

Public Message

Transactions can now contain a public message (cf. screenshot above). This public message can be seen in the explorer as below:

Updated Number of Addresses

By default, the lightwallet loads the 10 first addresses of a user’s private key. If users need additional addresses, this number can be updated a maximum of 50 times, enabling users to have up to 50 addresses. Please keep in mind that loading a high number of addresses with a high number of transactions might also slow down the wallet, so we recommend not loading unused addresses.

Additionally, the lightwallet uses a HD Wallet (Hierarchical Deterministic) to generate multiple addresses from users’ seeds. Because users’ addresses are generated in a deterministic way, if a user reduces the number of their addresses, they can add them back later by increasing the number of addresses. It will always regenerate the same addresses that will keep the same balances.

Our team appreciates the contributions made by our community, and we are motivated by your continued trust and support.

We take community feedback seriously. Please notify us of any bugs you find at https://github.com/mvs-org/lightwallet/issues and we will work our hardest to address them.

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We hope you enjoy the new version of the light wallet!

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain building a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets, identities, and applications.

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain building a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets, identities, and applications.