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We are excited to share with you the news that we have finished the internal testing on our MetaverseVM Browser Wallet! We are now releasing it for public testing!

MetaverseVM Browser Wallet allows users to interact with web 3.0 applications in a seamless and secure manner. It is based on the latest MIT licensed code of MetaMask, and currently supports 4 browsers including Brave, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Get started by following our tutorial to download the wallet and interact with a decentralized application:

We welcome the community to test Metaverse Browser plug-in and provide feedback on their user experience.


Join the discussion and stay up to date on the latest news by following our social media channels:


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  • Launched the Betelgeuse Alpha Testnet, testing node creation and mining
  • Testing send & receive functionalities and ability to register on-chain identities on the web wallet
  • Released web wallet blockchain explorer
  • Released Github repository and build instructions via web wallet link
  • Metaverse virtual machine up and running on testnet, testing DApps
  • New website, documentation, and roadmap development

In January, the Betelgeuse Alpha Testnet launch was a great success. The community was able to get involved to test the nodes and mining features with our core development team. Below is a screenshot of what the interface looks like:

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We are delighted to release a new version of the Alpha Testnet that our development team has put together. It consists of new features such as a downloadable node package that has a mining function accessible through the command line, more details below.

Node synchronization and mining can be observed on our web wallet interface located at under the “Network” — “Explorer” — “Node Info” tab where the Chain info and the produced Blocks details are also visible. Important Note: The web wallet interface is still under development and has limited functionality as of now.

This Release Features :

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On January 7th, the Metaverse Developers’ team and Eric Gu, chairman of Metaverse Foundation, held an AMA event on Telegram to discuss exciting new developments in the Metaverse. Some of the main topics include unique features in ETP development, capacity for DeFi + NFT, and mining/node support as we migrate to Substrate in 2021.

Established in 2016, Metaverse is a front-running decentralized, open-sourced platform for secure, digital asset architecture. Most digital assets on Metaverse are created using the Metaverse Smart Token (MST), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are created using the Metaverse Identifiable Token (MIT). Metaverse is also known for its…

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After a tremendous amount of work completed by our development team, we are excited to announce that Betelgeuse Alpha Testnet is now live! We invite our community members to join us in creating a test node and start mining on our new testnet. The information below consists of a downloadable node package that also has a mining function accessible through a command line.

This proof of concept blockchain was built on Substrate and uses a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus algorithm.

The blockchain node synchronization and mining can be observed on our web wallet interface located at:

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With all of us and most of the world in lockdown with stay-at-home restrictions, we hope to bring you joy and positivity as we look to the year ahead. We are thrilled to share with our community the developments that we have excitedly been working on including our upcoming Alpha Testnet launch.

Our core developers are tweaking the last few details of the PoS and PoW consensus algorithm on the new Testnet. We have simulated 50% attacks on the chain and the feedback has been positive thus far. We are also preparing documentation for our community so you can join…

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The Team continues to develop the Substrate infrastructure working on multiple fronts. At this time, the Team’s efforts are focused on implementing a secure, hybrid POW — POS consensus and adding the Dagger — Hashimoto mining algorithm to ensure backward compatibility with the current mining process. The result of this will be a smooth transition when the mainnet is deployed.

For the current ETP POW miners, this means switching to a new mining pool, making it very easy to mine the new ETP.

The other development that we are excited to update you on is the implementation of smart contracts…

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We first would like to start off by thanking you all for your support and a special thanks to those that submitted a name suggestion for our new chrome extension wallet. Our community makes the Metaverse ecosystem an innovative and constantly developing place and we appreciate each and everyone of you!

We received hundreds of submissions and the teams’ ultimate favourite was Elysium, submitted by John D. Unfortunately, while our legal team was performing due diligence, it was found that the name had been used for a crypto wallet in the not so distant past. As a result, we have…

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The Metaverse team joined the Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) Conference, and Eric Gu, founder of Metaverse Foundation, attended as a guest speaker on the topic of “Crypto Assets Trends in 2021, A Glance into the Future” on Oct 29th, 2020.

Some of the topics that was discussed were on Bitcoin prices, DeFi, Gene Finance, Metaverse DNA, NFTs, and more.

The cyclical pattern of Bitcoin when the previous all-time high was reached in 2017, “and we are probably going to see a new high very soon, we are almost going to see another cyclical boom of the price of major cryptocurrencies.”

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  • Within 48 hours of launch, Gene Finance had a TVL of 30,000,000 USD
  • Migration to Substrate Development Framework: Betelgeuse Testnet
  • Chrome Extension Wallet in last stages of testing, will be released next month
  • TVL on SwapAll: Over 3 million ETP
  • More applications will be released in upcoming months, such as money market, DEX, synthetic stablecoins, NFT, etc.

Gene Finance

Undoubtedly, the headline of the month was the launch of Gene Finance. When it launched on October 18, the TVL (Total Value Locked) quickly grew to $30,000,000 USD within 48 hours, bringing many new members of the DeFi space onto…

Metaverse ETP

A decentralized open platform of smart properties and digital identities, based on public blockchain technology.

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